Designated Visitor Suites

Balancing resident wellbeing and safety is always at the forefront of our thinking and we understand how important it is for residents and their family and friends to be able to spend time together in the safest way possible.

We worked hard to find a solution to continue to enable visiting in the winter months, whilst ensuring that we keep residents, patients and staff as safe as possible. We have installed designated visitor suites into all of our of our homes which have been designed with both comfort and safety in mind.

A warm and comfortable space to spend time

The designated visitor suite is accessible externally by visitors and enables you to spend time with your loved one as the weather transitions into the colder months. The visiting suite is similar to a living room type space, complete with soft furnishings, lampshades, cushions, and internal room heating to create a welcoming and warm environment for you.

Helping you and your family to stay safe

The visiting suite is hygienic and sealed to control airflow and prevent transference of the virus and therefore has an intercom system fitted so you will be able to hear your loved one clearly and engage in conversation, whilst being able to see one another through a Perspex glass divider, fitted for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ensure cleaning takes place after each visit to ensure chairs, seats, hard surfaces including windowsills, and the Perspex glass divider are wiped down appropriately.

Visitor Booking System

To enable an easier and more convenient way of booking, we have now launched a new online system for booking a visit which can be found by clicking here. We are currently in the process of putting this in place for all homes. The system will help us to more efficiently comply with Government guidance with regard to tracking visitor information. As you know, at present indoor visits to bedrooms are not permitted and visits can only be organised for those able to attend the designated room, we hope that when reintroduced, indoor visits to bedrooms will also move to the online system in the future.

For those who do not have access to the internet you will still be able to book by calling us or the contact centre on 0204 533 8900 and one of team can accommodate this for you. You will need to provide an email address for us to send your confirmation to, ideally your own or a close family or friend if you do not have email. We would encourage you where possible to make the bookings yourself at your convenience.

As always, if anything changes at the home or in the local community, whereby visiting restrictions need to be imposed visiting will not be permitted. We will do our best to avoid this wherever possible, and if impacted we will endeavour to contact you in advance, although as indicated above, visits may be withdrawn without notice in an emergency.

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