Barchester Healthcare and living with COVID


This page was last updated on 27th May 2022.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents, patients and staff continues to be our top priority. We work in line with each country’s local government guidance whilst some guidance remains with regard to Coronavirus which we outline below.

Admission to a Barchester Care Home/Hospital

We welcome new residents and patients into our care homes and hospitals, so please give your local Barchester care home (( or hospital a call if you are looking for care or need any further help.

When new residents and patients are moving in we have clear protocols in place which includes ensuring residents, patients and staff are vaccinated before moving in or working in our homes and hospitals. We also ensure that any new residents and patients coming into our homes and hospitals, whether from a local hospital or the community, have been tested in advance and are negative for COVID-19.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the home/hospital directly.

In order to reassure you, this page details the latest guidance from Barchester Healthcare . This information is intended for Barchester Healthcare residents, patients, staff and any visitors to our homes and hospitals.

Visiting Barchester Healthcare Homes/Hospitals

We understand that visiting is an integral part of care home/hospital life and vitally important for both maintaining the health, wellbeing and quality of life of all of our residents/patients as well as crucial for family and friends to be able to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones, or to support their care.

Visits are supported for all types of visitors including those who can provide entertainment or care services. Visitors are welcome to visit either in a bedroom or private room, or spend time in communal areas as long as a facemask is worn when not eating or drinking. Residents and patients are welcome to leave the care home without the need for isolation or testing on return, and we actively offer various trips out for our residents/patients to enjoy. Families are also welcome to join in for communal activities, outings and events, just ask the home/hospitals what activities that they have organised for you to participate in.

In England - Visitors to our homes and hospitals are welcome to visit at any time without a booking. No testing is needed but we ask that you do wash your hands on arrival and wear a facemask provided by the care home/hospital that should be worn at all times, except for when eating and drinking. During an outbreak which is determined by Public Health one visitor will be permitted to visit, and this person can be interchangeable. Whilst testing is not required for standard visiting, any relatives or friends who are providing personal care will be required to test in line with our staff members.

In Wales – Visitors to our homes and hospitals are welcome to visit at any time but we ask that you make a booking in advance by calling the home. Visitors must take an LFD test in advance of the visit and show proof of a negative result that has been registered on the government website. The home will provide the LFD tests if needed. A resident may nominate two ‘Essential Visitors’ to ensure continuity of visits during an outbreak. These visitors are able to visit separately or together if preferred.

In Scotland – Visitors to our homes and hospitals are welcome to visit at any time but we ask that you make a booking in advance by calling the home. Visitors must take an LFD test in advance of the visit and show proof of a negative result that has been registered on the government website. Tests are still free and can be accessed via the community or the care home or by calling 119, if you cannot access a test we will permit entry by exception. We ask that you do wash your hands on arrival and wear a facemask provided by the care home/hospital. Visitors should continue to wear face masks when entering the home, and when in communal areas of the home, and must try and adhere to physical distancing of 1 meter. Transparent face masks can also be used and these can be accessed through PPE hubs. When visiting in a bedroom you do not need to wear a face mask and do not have to physically distance. In an outbreak – which is determined by the local health protection team  – residents are still able to leave the home if they are not COVID positive or a contact of the person who is. Communal areas can continue to be used, and residents can identify 3 named visitors, of whom one can visit per day, with two visiting at the same time as an exception if additional support is needed.

In all countries, we continue to test our staff members in line with the government guidance and advice from the local health protection team or public health director.


We are so grateful for the vaccination programme that has allowed us all to return to normality, and we will continue to support our residents, patients and staff to have vaccinations including boosters as soon as possible.

Keeping our residents physically, mentally and socially active

With summer approaching there is plenty in store to ensure those in our care have the choice to take part in fantastic activities, events and celebrations. We are celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee with a special floral posy virtual demonstration through to our in house “Decorations Fit for A Queen” competition. We also have plenty of other themed events to enjoy with World Music Day, Wimbledon, World Chess Day and the popular World Chocolate Day. We will be creating exciting menus and planning immersive activities and outings for all to enjoy.

We also continue to work with our partners for our popular Virtual Live Events Programme and over the next couple of months will be having talks from Cliveden National Trust, Daniel Snowman will be discussing his book – Interactions with the World, Choral Hub will be providing a singing lesson and the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh will be teaching us all about plant lore and how to grow your own herbs. There is lots to enjoy this summer!

Our staff

Many of you write to us to thank our amazing staff who work tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe.  Thank you so much for doing this, it means such a lot to them and we are ensure that these comments, whether on social media, through our helpline or to management, are fed back. If you have had a great experience please do leave a review on or Google, you can also email us at, we share all of your lovely comments with our team members.