‘Visiting the Memory Café’ book out now!

We are delighted to announce that the Dementia Care Team’s book based around the activities they either developed or trialled has now been published.  Every member of our Dementia team has a chapter published within the book. The book is produced by Jessica Kingsley Publishers but can also be ordered from Amazon.  ALL proceeds of the book will go to the Barchester Charitable Foundation.

This activity book outlines new approaches to person-centred care for people living with dementia. The activities presented have been designed to provide meaningful engagement for residents while respecting each individual resident’s readiness to engage and participate. Drawing on case studies, each chapter recommends the best way to implement ideas such as Namaste Care and Memory Cafés, and provide the framework for evaluating whether your approaches support the people in your care to the fullest extent.

Reviews of the book

Visiting the Memory Café is much more than a roster of programs and therapies; it is a guide to a new way of thinking about how to best serve the individuals in our communities...practical, compelling, and highly readable. (G. Allen Power MD, FACP, Geriatrician, Author, Educator)

Visiting the Memory Café and Other Dementia Activities is a very clear and practical guide to delivering support to people living with a range of dementias. The authors of this book have significant experience of supporting people living with dementia, and they have written a very practical and easily accessible resource. I recommend this book to both family carers and professionals. (Professor Martin Green, OBE Chief Executive Care England, DH Independent Sector Dementia Champion)

You can buy it here

Jessica Kingsley Publishers Amazon