Celebrating life at Barchester

Whilst the world outside is in uncertain times, safe inside our Barchester homes our residents are carrying on with fun activities and we are joining forces with our local communities to share some cheer. Take a look at what we've been up to...

Embracing Technology

Residents of Fairview have embraced technologly to keep in touch with their family and friends.

Ashby House

Ashby House are brilliant and I know they are doing everything possible during this awful time.

Dudwell St Mary

Clapping for the wonderful team at Dudwell St Mary's in Burwash, for looking after my mum, thank you!

Grateful Staff

Cedars would like to give a massive thank you to the ladies in the local community for taking the time and effort to create the staff at Cedars beautiful tote bags and face masks. This enables us to put our uniforms into our colourful tote bags to transport home safely.

A Fresh Delivery

Residents and colleagues at Chester Court were delighted to answer the door to accept a special treat from their local Morrison’s stores.

A Kind Donation

Magnolia would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their kind donations. Tesco for all the Easter eggs, Hendon Bread Factory for their kind weekly donations of beautiful bread and cakes; Corona Care Challenge for the huge donation they also gave us.

A Letter to Loved Ones

Our residents have been using Skype to keep in touch with love ones, and have been blown away by modern technology. But for those who cannot quite grasp Skype, we have gone back to the old fashioned way of writing letters!

An Everyday Hero!

James Teasdale, Activities Coordinator at Sherwood Court, received a nomination for the BBC's 'Everyday Hero' award from a family member. This is what they said:


Big clap for Archview Lodge in Dalkeith for looking after my mum

Keeping in Touch

One of our residents Matilda, received special mail from her son Neil in the post this week. He had typed her a lovely letter telling his mum all about his holiday in Mexico.

Letters from the Community

Every morning we receive kind letters, pictures, postcards or presents from lots of wonderful people from our local community.

Everything Will Be Fine Rainbow

Residents and staff at Southerndown have been keeping busy with arts and crafts and making an everything will be fine rainbow. This was a fun activity- everybody helped weather it was cutting out the hearts or placing the rainbow on the window.

Keeping in Touch

To help with the residents being isolated from their loved ones, we have set up Skype and WhatsApp to keep in touch with them.

Queens Court

Thank you for this update - it is certainly reassuring!  I am glad, too, that the folk at Queens Court in Wimbledon are taking such good care of their residents. With the best of wishes in these strenuous and taxing times

Virtual Pet Therapy

Residents at Fordmill recently enjoyed a virtual visit from Rapha the pet therapy dog, who treated them to a message of humour and positivity!

Lanercost House

A big thank you for all of you from Mum & her family for all the fantastic work you do. We couldn't have asked for better care or for a better '2nd family'. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. I will be back to give you all a big hug as soon as I can.

Messages of Kindness

These cards and pictures and stories have been sent in to us by lots of pupils at St James The Great Nursery and Primary School in Thornton  Heath. They made contact with us through one of their staff members, Nicole Duffy, who knows the home.

A Kind Donation

Pirelli Football Club donated boxes of delicious treats to all teams at Lanercost House, who work tirelessly to ensure that all residents are kept safe. A big thank you to the Pirelli FC for their kind gesture & to all staff members at the home.